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Friday, May 21, 2010


Location: school.

These are all of the funniest quotes that I have personally heard. :D My friends are funny. I didn't name anyone but myself but I did mention the location on most occasions.

“It wasn't a burn, it was a neutralization”
Chem class

“Do I need to come over there and beat his butt? I will do it, too. I'll speed on over there on my pink motorcycle and beat some bootie. He'll know he got beat up by a gay guy too!”
X Bfs

“I'm gaytto (ghetto) with a capital Gay.”
-mall quotes

“Being in a hole is not so bad, now being in a hole with fire is a different story.”
Dante's Inferno

“They're stuck together eternally? That doesn't seem that bad.”
“They're together in an...intimate way...”
Dante's Inferno

“Why do you waste?”
“Why do you keep?”
Dante's Inferno (Hoarders and wasters) +ME!

“Then we won't talk about eyeballs.”

“I'll take a wild guess and say that Dante fainted.”
Dante's a wimp.

“And what does the hydrogen do?”
“He dumps his girlfriend!!!”
Chem Class

“It was sad..it sounded like a dying fairy princess....aww.”
Dying fairy princesses

“I would plug it in on the board but my calculator just had a seizure.”
Geometry Class

“Oh boy...he can't even write.”
Me during Pictionario

“Alright, I'm gonna act it out. Ready...go.” [stands still]

“...it's like...BATMAN!”
English Class

“You never hear anyone say 'hey, you wanna go on a go by foot?'”

“What are you reading?”
“That's so stupid.”
“Is not!”
Jumps up and down and waves arms around “Oooh! Look at me! I'm a vampire, I'm all sparklee! ...Gay.”

Moo fight

“I made her the center of my universe and I thought I was the same for her, but all she did was throw stars at me. They look pretty from a distance but they make a painful impact.”

“He has diabetes.”
“No wonder he has white hair.”
White hair

“Me? Cryin? NO! What chu talkin bout? Pssh, you seein thangs.”

“I'm always hyper...except for when I'm not.”

“You're a dukedom!”

“Nope...it's no fun to be owned.”

“Oh gee (g-ee) I'm in the ninth (nihnth) grade!”


  1. oh my god some of those are mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ... see that location thingy up at the top? it says SCHOOL! You do go to the same school as I do, right? If not then ONE of us has been showing up to the wrong place every day. ^^ It was probably me...